On Election Day

Polling places

On election day electors vote at polling places, usually located in schools or community halls, which are open from 8.00am to 6.00pm.

A full list of all polling places will be available on our website at the time of the election.

At State elections, depending on whether you at a polling place in your District or outside your District, there are different types of voting.

Political party and candidate workers

Political party and candidate workers will be outside most polling places with 'How-to-Vote' cards showing you how they would like you to vote for their candidate. You do not have to take these if you don't want to.


Scrutineers appointed by the candidates may be present in the polling place. They may request the election official to ask you certain questions relating to your entitlement to vote.

Scrutineers are also present during key election processes including the counting of votes. They play an important role in the election by attesting to the transparency and accuracy of the count.

Assistance to electors

The NSWEC provides a range of services and resources to ensure that a person's right to vote is not limited by language, disability or circumstance.

Electors who require assistance to vote can seek such assistance from an election official.