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A Remote Electronic Voting System knows as the iVote® system was introduced for the State election in March 2011 and also used for subsequent State by-elections.

Under current legislation, the iVote® system cannot be made available in Local Government elections.

While the background to this initiative shows that the original impetus was to enable electors who are blind or have low vision to cast an independent vote, the legislation subsequently introduced broadened those eligible to use the iVote® system to electors who have literacy needs, or disabilities, live more than 20km from a polling place or will be interstate or overseas on election day.

The overview explains briefly how the iVote® system operates, how security is maintained, and how the votes cast using the iVote® system are counted.

As required by legislation the Electoral Commissioner must approve the procedures for use of the iVote® system. View the Approved Procedures for elections which have used the iVote® system

Also required by legislation the Electoral Commissioner engaged an independent auditor (PricewaterhouseCoopers) to conduct both pre and post implementation audits of the information technology used for the State Election under the approved procedures.

An independent evaluation report (PDF)[1004.6 KB) was prepared after the election by Allen Consulting Group which assesses the effectiveness of technology assisted voting provided at the NSW State Election in March 2011.