Preferential Count

State Electoral District of DUBBO

Electors Enrolled on 5 March 2007: 47,676

 Count No. 1Count No. 2Count No. 3Count No. 4 
CandidatesFirst Preference VotesSICHEL Excl. McDONALD Excl. HOUGH Excl. % Total Votes
952 Votes Dist. 1,100 Votes Dist. 5,145 Votes Dist.
Votes Dist.Prog. TotalVotes Dist.Prog. TotalVotes Dist.Prog. Total
HOUGH (CLP)4,889634,9521935,145  
MATTHEWS (NP)18,70234319,04513219,17770019,87749.13
McDONALD (GRN)1,074261,100   
SICHEL (CDP)952    
Formal Votes in Count43,91357743,53856243,0002,60640,461100
Exhausted 3753755389132,5393,452 
Total Votes44,90195244,9011,10044,9015,14544,901 

Results explanation

The Preferential Count page displays a progressive count where a candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated and his/her ballot papers are distributed to the remaining candidates according to the next available preference shown on the ballot paper.

To be elected, a candidate must obtain more than 50% + 1 of the total formal votes in the count. First, all the number "1" votes are counted for each candidate. These are called First Preference Votes. If a candidate has more than half the total of First Preference Votes, that candidate is elected.

If no candidate has more than half of the first preferences, the candidate with the fewest votes is excluded. That candidate's votes are moved on to the other candidates according to the second preference (the 2's) shown by the voters on that candidate's ballot papers. Ballot papers which only show a first preference vote are excluded and are not considered as part of the count.

This process progresses excluding the candidate with the fewest votes until one candidate has more than half the total votes remaining in the count and is declared elected.