Special Category Enrolments

Some electors may be enrolled under special enrolment options. This applies to those who are:

  • Silent electors

    Being a silent elector means that your address will not be shown on the publicly available roll.

    If you believe that having your address shown on the publicly available electoral roll could put your personal safety, or your family’s safety, at risk, you can apply for silent elector status.

    However silent elector status is not granted automatically. Each application is considered on its merits and a decision made as to whether the claims made meet the conditions for silent elector status.

  • General postal voters

    Registering as a General Postal Voter means that you will automatically be sent ballot papers for each election until you change your enrolled address. This option is often used by people who are enrolled at an address that is not near a polling place.

    This is distinct from a Postal Vote Application, which is a one-off postal vote and applies to a particular election only, ie. you will be on holidays.

    In NSW you can apply to be registered as a general postal voter if you:

    • live more than 20 km from a polling place
    • are out of NSW for longer than 3 months
    • are seriously ill or infirm in a hospital/at home and cannot travel
    • are caring for a person not in hospital who is seriously ill or infirm and cannot travel to a polling place
    • are in prison but serving a sentence of less than 12 months
    • have religious beliefs or membership of a religious order which stops you attending a polling place or voting on election day
    • are a silent elector
    • are unable to sign your name due to physical incapacity and provided a written certificate from your doctor when you enrolled
    • are an elector who is a person with a disability.
  • Enrolment for people with no fixed address

    If you are entitled to be on the electoral roll, but do not have a permanent residential address, you can still apply for enrolment. The District for which you enrol is determined by your specific circumstances (see the Australian Electoral Commission site for further details). This option does not apply to people who have a permanent home address but who are temporarily living elsewhere eg itinerant workers.

  • Electors unable to sign their name due to physical incapacity

    If, because of a physical incapacity, you are unable to sign your name, you may enrol by having someone complete and sign the enrolment form on your behalf. You must also provide a written certificate from a registered medical practitioner stating that you are unable to sign your name.

  • Antarctic electors

    If you are going to be working in Antarctica you can register as an Antarctic elector but it is not compulsory.

  • Prisoners

    A person, who is serving a prison sentence of less than 12 months, who otherwise satisfies the requirements for enrolment, can enrol and vote at State and Local Government elections.

  • Overseas electors

    If you are going overseas for 6 years or less and you wish to vote, you can apply to be registered as an overseas elector. If you are going overseas indefinitely/permanently or temporarily (up to 12 months) and may not be able to vote, you should notify the AEC that you will be overseas.

    This entitles you to have your name retained on the electoral roll while overseas.

    Please visit the registration as an overseas elector page of the AEC website for forms and further information.