Automatic Enrolment as a New Elector

If you have received an Enrolment Confirmation Letter -

Congratulations you have been enrolled as a voter for NSW State and Local Government elections!

You are now enrolled as a voter for New South Wales State and Local Government elections. This means that you are required by law to vote at these elections.

I did not fill out a form to enrol so how have I been enrolled?

The NSW Parliament passed legislation in December 2009 that enables the Electoral Commissioner to enrol anyone who is eligible to be enrolled, without an application, if the Electoral Commissioner is satisfied that the person is eligible to be enrolled for State and Local Government elections.

Where did you get my name from?

The NSWEC receives information from a number of State and Commonwealth government agencies that help identify potential eligible citizens to be enrolled. The list of agencies who provide such information is as follows:

  • Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) - our Joint Enrolment partner
  • Federal Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) - provided via the AEC so that a potentially eligible person's Australian citizenship can be confirmed
  • NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) - address confirmation provided by clients of the RMS
  • NSW Office of the Board of Studies (OBOS) - registered NSW students, who are confirmed as either NSW-born or Australian citizens are automatically enrolled
  • NSW Office of State Revenue - First Home Owners Grant Scheme.

What do I need to do now?

If you are 17 years of age or older and an Australian citizen then you need do nothing. You are now enrolled for State and Local Government elections.

You will need to vote at the next State election and any Local Government election in your council area. If you do not you may be fined.

What do I do if any of the information contained in this notice is incorrect?

If any of the information in the enrolment notice letter is wrong eg you are not an Australian citizen, then please go to SmartRoll to correct any errors yourself or telephone us on 1300 617 133.

Where can I get more information about voting and my rights and responsibilities?

Please navigate around this website to clarify any issues you may have or you can call us on 1300 617 133

If I have been SmartRolled, am I enrolled for Federal elections as well?

Unfortunately no. This is due to some Federal/State legislative inconsistencies that both jurisdictions are attempting to rectify as quickly as possible.

To make sure that you can vote in Federal elections please visit the AEC's on-line enrolment website or complete the Electoral Enrolment form that accompanied your enrolment letter.

What do I have to do if I need to be in a Special Category type of enrolment?

Some members of our community have special needs. Examples can include

  • Due to personal security issues there may be a need to be registered as a Silent voter.
  • Due to physical disability, there may be a need to register as a General Postal voter.
  • Due to extended overseas travel, there may be a need to register as an Overseas voter.
  • There are other enrolment circumstances that you might like to consider - they are generally accessible from the AEC's Special Category Electors website.

What about other people at my address who are also eligible to be enrolled?

If other unenrolled people live at your enrolled address and they too are eligible to be enrolled but they have not received notification that they have been SmartRolled, they should go to the AEC's on-line enrolment website to enrol for all 3 electoral jurisdictions at the same time i.e. Federal, State and Local.

Alternatively if access to the Internet is not possible, they should visit a Post Office and complete the Electoral Enrolment form.

I'm now enrolled and I am voting for the first time - where can I go to find out what I have to do?

Voting for the first time? - Take a look at our voting for the first time guide to find out what you have to do when you intend voting for the first time.