What We Do

This page contains information about who the NSWEC is responsible for, what our main functions are, who our clients include and our goals and objectives from 2014 - 2016.


The NSWEC is responsible for

  • registration of political parties
  • regulation and administration of the election funding, expenditure and disclosure scheme and registration of electoral participants for the purposes of that scheme
  • registration and regulation of third-party lobbyists
  • enforcement of funding and disclosure, electoral and lobbyist offences

The Electoral Commissioner is responsible for

  • enrolment of electors
  • electoral rolls
  • the conduct of elections


The main functions of the NSWEC are to

  • maintain a scheme of public funding to eligible political parties, candidates and independent members of Parliament;
  • impose various campaign finance management requirements for Parliamentary and local government elections
  • maintain the Register of Third-Party Lobbyists and Lobbyists Watch List
  • enforce offence provisions relating to the conduct of elections, campaign finance and lobbying
  • research electoral issues

The main functions of the Electoral Commissioner is to


Our clients include:

Our future directions 2013-2016

We’re changing the way we do things, starting with how we see ourselves. Along with a new Vision Statement, we’ve created five key goals for this year and into the future. We’re excited by what lies ahead - we hope you are too.

Our Vision

To foster a culture of integrity, respect and trust in the electoral administration that underpins the democratic Goal 4 process.

Our Mission

To deliver high quality electoral services which are impartial, effective, efficient and in accordance with the law.

Our Values

Integrity in the way we work.

Impartiality in service provision to maintain the confidence of stakeholders and the community, and to uphold the democratic nature of the NSW Electoral system.

Uphold the principle of equal access to democracy for all NSW citizens. Professionalism in providing electoral services regardless of size or nature of event.

A learning culture amongst our staff to ensure we improve service delivery and remain modern, forward thinking and capable of meeting future challenges.

Goal 1

Foster participation in the democratic process

Champion the importance of democracy through public education, better processes, responsive services and clear communication.

Goal 2

Be customer focussed and commercially-minded

Build better relationships with clients and partners by understanding their needs and wants, and responding to them professionally.

Goal 3

Provide seamless service delivery

Provide a well-planned, cohesive service based on supportive project structures, clear processes, and appropriate delegation of authority and ownership.

Goal 4

Value our people

Through leadership and respect, create an environment that promotes collaboration, accountability, learning and skill development, and actively acknowledges performance.

Goal 5

Innovative, fast adaption

Create an environment that encourages new ideas, and provides the capacity and support to see them through to implementation.