Reporting to NSW Parliament

Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters

The Electoral Commissioner reports to the Committee as required. The Committee inquires into and reports on electoral laws and practices and the spending and public funding of political parties.

The Committee can only look at issues that are referred by either House or a Minister, and cannot consider electoral boundaries and the distribution of electorates.

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The Electoral Commissioner may be asked to provide the Committee Chair with submissions or advice about electoral matters.

Current inquiries

After the release of the Political Donations Final Report by the Panel of Experts in December 2014, the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters called for its own submissions about the Government's Response.

In October 2015, the Electoral Commissioner prepared a submission to the Committee about the Government's Response and addressed each of the 50 recommendations. The Electoral Commissioner and a director also appeared before the Committee.

Also, the Committee has an Inquiry into the 2015 NSW State Election and its Final Report is due in December 2016.  See the submission to the Inquiry by the Electoral Commissioner.


The Electoral Commissioner may be required to appear before the Committee. Sometimes one or more of the Commissioner's direct reports also appear. Anyone who appears before the Committee is called a witness.

When the Electoral Commissioner appears before the Committee, questions are answered "on the spot" from any Committee member. Sometimes "Questions on Notice" might occur which means the Electoral Commissioner agrees to provide a written response to the Committee Chair.

See Electoral Commissioner's evidence to the Committee since October 2015.