About Us

Who are we?

The New South Wales Electoral Commission is an independent statutory authority established under the Parliamentary Electorates and Elections Act 1912, and consist of the following members:

  1. A former judge appointed by the Governor as the Chairperson
    Hon Keith Mason AC QC BA LLB LLM
    Photo of Keith Mason
    Keith Mason was admitted to the New South Wales Bar in 1972 and appointed as a Queen's Counsel in 1981. From 1985 to 1987 he was Chairman of the NSW Law Reform Commission, and again from 1989 to 1990. He was Solicitor-General of NSW from 1987-1997, until his appointment as President of the NSW Court of Appeal in 1997. Keith retired from the Court in 2008 and is currently a Visiting Professorial Fellow at the University of New South Wales.
    In 2013 Keith chaired the redistribution of NSW Electoral Districts required by the Constitution Act 1902 (NSW).
  2. A person appointed by the Governor who has financial or audit skills and qualifications relevant to the functions of the Commission
    Len Scanlan BBus BA MPubAd Company Directors Diploma
    Photo of Len Scanlan
    Len Scanlan was Auditor-General of Queensland from 1997 until 2004, during which time he was also the CEO of the Queensland Audit Office. Len has since pursued a successful career as an independent consultant which has included service on audit committees, as a Non-Executive Director and general consulting work. Len is a Fellow of the Institute of Public Administration Australia and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Queensland.
  3. The New South Wales Electoral Commissioner
    Colin Barry BA BEd
    Photo of Colin Barry
    Colin Barry was appointed Electoral Commissioner for New South Wales on 1 July 2004. Previously, Colin served as the Electoral Commissioner for Victoria from 1999 and Deputy Electoral Commissioner in Victoria from 1989. Before joining the Victorian Electoral Commission, Colin had a career in education.

The NSW Electoral Commissioner is appointed by the Governor to administer the NSW State rolls and to conduct State Parliamentary elections and other elections as authorised by law.

The Electoral Commissioner is not subject to the control or direction of the Electoral Commission in the exercise of his or her functions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality election services that are:

  • impartial
  • effective
  • efficient
  • in accordance with the law.

Our Values

We value:

  • integrity in the way that we approach our work
  • impartiality in the conduct of elections to gain and keep the confidence of the community and our clients
  • respect for community needs to ensure equal access to democracy
  • professionalism in providing election services
  • a learning culture amongst our staff so as to be a modern, forward thinking organisation that can meet and resolve challenges.

Our Commitment

We are committed to:

  • providing quality and cost-effective services that meet our stakeholders' needs
  • delivering services impartially, effectively, efficiently and according to law
  • being responsible to the public through consultation.

What we do?

We conduct State elections, Local Government elections, NSW Aboriginal Land Council elections and certain statutory elections.

We are guided by legislation as to our responsibilities and functions.

Our reports show how we have performed and our plans present how we are going forward

Who do we work with?

Through our tender process you could be doing business with us.

Perhaps you have thought about a career with us.

You can obtain other information from us and give us your feedback.